Vision Of The Institution

To create an advanced centre of professional learning of international standard where pursuit of knowledge and excellence shall reign supreme, unfettered by the barriers of nationality, language, cultural plurality and religion. Integrated, continuous and wholesome development of our stakeholders by providing them with basic technical knowledge and skills, social values and ethics, scientific attitudes and orientations for lifelong continuing education so that they remain as the cutting edge of technology and entrepreneurship for the sustainable economic and industrial development of our nation in a free global market leading to higher quality and productivity, research and development and above all a sense of humanity.

Mission Of The Institution

  1. Developing personality of all learners, faculty & employees in order to infuse with proactive leadership, innovativeness, entrepreneurial abilities, required competencies relevant to the profession.
  2. Encouraging the participation of Women and offer opportunities and access to technical education.
  3. Focusing on community development, whereby viable and appropriate technology is transferred to the community.
  4. Inducing in engineers and trainees a mind-set full of creativity to pursue excellence with focus on accountability, environment and stakeholders.
  5. Solving real life problems.
  6. Creating leadership with futuristic vision.
  7. Cultivating adaption of ethics, morality and healthy practices in professional life.
  8. Instilling habit of continual learning.
  9. Keeping abreast with the start-of-the-art technology.